About Me

I'm Sarah McFloof, a colourful artist, designer and maker. I create from my home studio in Devon, UK.

I have been a self-employed artist since 2020.  I made the decision to become self employed after a few challenging life changing events over a short period of time.  These events made me re-evaluate many things in my life, including my career.  My journey in the world of art started before then, in college, and I have always enjoyed being creative in my spare time.  Art has not only turned into a business for me, but also an exploration of the impact of creativity on mental wellbeing.

Driven by a passion for helping others, I have found purpose in using my artistic talents to contribute to the wellbeing of people grappling with mental health challenges.  I began painting messages of positivity during the first COVID lockdown to bring light and hope to peoples lives and as a way of feeling like I was doing something to help others through dark times.  People responded really well and I made a lot of connections all around the world.  The messages aid conversation and bring a sense of hope and healing, seeming to find a way to people that need them. 

I have also run creative workshops for various organisations which have provided space for creativity, connection and conversation.  Art, for me, is more than a medium of expression, it is a therapeutic tool that has the potential to foster healing and resilience.  Witnessing the positive impact of creativity on mental health has fuelled my commitment to carry on making meaningful contributions in this space.

I'm open to commissions and collaborations, so please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements.