What are your pebbles made from?
They are made from a hard plaster.

Why do you not use real stones?
During the first COVID lockdown in 2020, I found it increasingly difficult to source small round smooth stones.  I would normally get them from my local garden centre, but it was closed. I looked online, but the only smooth stones I could seem to find were either large ones or really small ones.

How do you make your plaster pebbles?
I’ve made my own moulds using silicone and natural smooth pebbles.  I use these moulds to cast the handmade pebbles.

So, can you really call them pebbles?
Well, yes in fact! Pebbles are usually, but not always, formed from a naturally occurring rock that has been worn smooth by the action of water on beaches, lakes and rivers. But there are also pebbles formed from artificial material such as concrete, plaster and glass. 

Isn’t plaster bad for the environment?
Plaster is an environmentally sound natural material, which is non-toxic and sustainable.

Using plaster instead of ‘real’ stones means that we’re not taking away from the natural environment or doing any harm to the environment.

Do they weigh the same as a ‘real’ pebble?
They are slightly lighter in weight to a comparable stone of the same size.

Are they fragile?
My pebbles are surprisingly robust.  I’ve done several drop tests and they have stayed intact.

What else is different between your plaster pebbles and real stones?
Plaster pebbles are incredibly smooth and not as cold to the touch as real stones.  They are white in colour, meaning you do not have to paint a white base coat, and they take a variety of mediums really well.

How do I clean them?
My painted pebbles can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Are your products suitable to be left outside?
Although my products are treated with weatherproof varnish, they are not recommended to be left outside all year round or in extreme weather conditions.

Can they be put in water?
No, the products are not suitable for being submerged in water.

What paints do you use?
I use acrylic paint.


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