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McFloof Makes

Ice-Cream Gnomes

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Allow me to present Minty Monty, Chokka Mocha, and Pippin Ripple – three delightful Nordic Gnome statues meticulously hand-painted to resemble scrumptious ice creams.

These cool gonks are excited about the possibility of joining your home! Minty Monty, Chokka Mocha, and Pippin Ripple, with their playful antics, enjoy dressing up as ice creams on hot summer days. Their mischievous adventures often lead them to the local ice cream parlour, where they love sampling new flavours and playfully rolling around in the sprinkles. Bring a touch of sweetness and whimsy to your space by welcoming these cheeky gonks into your home!

The Ice Cream Gnomes and their friends prioritise eco-friendliness, so your gnome will arrive wrapped in tissue paper, shielded with eco-friendly bubble wrap, and nestled in a recyclable card box. 



Strong Plaster
Acrylic Paint
Polymer Clay


10cm Tall

Care Instructions

Although treated with weatherproof varnish, these are not recommended to be left outside all year round or in extreme weather conditions.