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Mandala Plaster Pebbles for Painting

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Explore your artistic potential with these paint-ready small plaster/ceramic mandala stones.

Individually hand-cast from strong plaster, these stones feature a strategically placed small hole in the centre, facilitating the effortless and precise painting of your focal dot. The stones have been sanded on the bottom, giving them a nice flat side so they will sit or stack securely.

These stones provide a diverse canvas are ready to be transformed with your choice of paint. They are compatible with various mediums such as acrylics, inks, watercolours, paint pens, and more.

The size of these stones are:
40mm across, 12mm high.
50mm across, 15mm high.

Dive into the painting process and decorate these mandala stones to create your personalised masterpieces!


Strong Plaster


3-5cm long
1-2cm thick