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Barnabee: The Bee Gnome

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Meet Barnabee, the vibrant little Nordic Gnome statue sporting a striking yellow and black striped Bee hat. With his eye-catching style, he's eager to find a new home with you!

Barnabee, the playful gonk, takes pride in his flashy and dapper appearance. He's always up for mischief, especially when teamed up with his best friend, Dotty. Together, they enjoy spending time with their bug and bee pals in the garden. When it comes to treats, Barnabee's favorite indulgence is honey sandwiches. Bring this lively character into your space and let the adventures begin!

Barnabee and his friends prioritise eco-friendliness, so your gnome will arrive wrapped in tissue paper, shielded with eco-friendly bubble wrap, and nestled in a recyclable card box.



Strong Plaster
Acrylic Paint


10cm tall

Care Instructions

Although treated with weatherproof varnish, these are not recommended to be left outside all year round or in extreme weather conditions.